Filing Work Comp Claims In NC

Every state has a slightly different way of handling worker’s compensation claims. When you file for work comp in North Carolina,there are a few important local practices to keep in mind.

As with any other state work comp regime,the first thing you must do is notify your employer that an injury has occurred. If you simply ignore your injury and then,years later,decide to file for assistance,you are going to be out of luck and in need of a [dcl=6679].

This,in turn,leads to the second important fact to keep in mind. There is a time limit beyond which you cannot file a work comp claim. For example,if you are injured and notify your employer,he may prefer to simply pay the expenses out of his own pocket. If you alter decide to go ahead and process a formal claim,you may be too late even if you have in fact notified your employer of the injury.

The third thing to know is that you have to file a claim with the state of North Carolina in order to obtain coverage for your injury. It is not an automatic system and your employer may or may not elect to file a claim on your behalf. It is best to protect yourself by filing the claim personally so that you can be sure that it is indeed filed.

Finally,North Carolina only covers injuries suffered as a result of an accident,not as a result of incidental damage incurred while performing an everyday task. If you trip over your own shoelaces,that is not covered. If the ceiling falls on your head,that is covered. So be careful how you describe your injury. Accidents are covered. Simple human errors are not,so make sure that you suffered injury as a result of an accident. Make sure to work with a talented[dcl=6679].

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